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What is FreeADBoard ?

In a word, FreeADBoard is a place that you can post your AD Text on the ADBord for free, while you still making money, just sitting in front of your computer! Clicking other's AD and then you can post yours, lasts 7 days per round, . It's simply like free cell phone calls mechanics. To see our website :

How it works ?

You want your free ad being browsed, so do others! That's why oncoming viewers are guaranteed. People who want to post their ads will in turn click yours, and that's where you make money from. With double, triple, multiple exposures to your target customers, more likely you can close the deals.

Your Personal Money Land : FreeADBoard !

ADBoard Functions

The owner of this FreeADBoard -- Your name will be shown here after you join !
Tailor-made Reseller Link . People who order to become an ADBoard Owner from here, will via your personal affiliate link of this product at clickbank, earn commission 50% !!
Your Banner AD shows here . You can sell anything here.( Your own product or affiliate program ! ) Big chance to make money .
Your Column Text AD shows here. You can show something special here to increase your profit.
Your 3 Text ADs shows here. The most efficient TEXT AD of the FreeADBoard, how much you can get from here ? It's up to you !
Pro-member Text ADs shows here in rotation (up to 12 items) , your AD will show on other Owner's ADBoard here. Isn't it great for you to have more chances to make money ?
Your AD Pop-under when any AD text been clicked ! Any click on the Text AD, even not yours, will generate a Pop-Under AD of yours. It won't be blocked !
Pro-member Banner ADs shows here in rotation (up to 4 items). Your Banner AD will show on other Owner's ADBoard, another great chance to make money !

Win unlimited traffic, maximize your earnings!

Imagine that each ADBoardowner have 1000 visitors a day . Your chances to make money :

Banner AD Impression : 1000 + 1000 X 4 (Pro Banner area ) = 5,000+ times

Text AD Impression: 3 X 1000 + 1000 X 3 X 4 (Pro Text area ) = 15,000+ times
Column Text AD Impression : 1,000 + times
Pop-Under AD Impression : 1,000 + times
Total AD Impression : 22,000 + times each day !
Total AD Impression : 8,030,000 + times each year !!

More Tips!
If all of the above still can't satisfy your desire, try this! As long as you successfully become one of the ADboard owner.

Expired Notice Email You can send a 7-day expired notice to your members when deadline approaches. The ownership of 7-day expired notice delivery will be yours. Therefore, you can utilize this opportunity to reinforce your ad.
Confirmed Email You can send a confirmed notice to your members after they post ads. The ownership of confirmed notice delivery will be yours. Therefore, you can utilize this opportunity to reinforce your ad.

Easy to maintain your FreeADBoard !

You can easily maintain your personal ADBoard in member area , and check the update right after saving the changes.

PLUS,You can get more by Auto Delivery!

Auto Deliver the "Blind" Traffic to the ADBoard Owner . Randomly !

Any visitor who has visited your adboard, we keep a cookie of their log-in info. Next time ever comes the chances the same visitors log-in, our system will direct the visitors to your adboard, even without your ADBoard link ! Moreover, we provide a random auto deliver service. Any blind visitor enter our main page, he/she could be exposed by your ad.

Competition or Cooperation

For the traffic generated by each owner, ADBoard owner can show his own ADs on ADBoard's main place, and the other ADBoard owners can show their ads at two places: Pro- Member AD Text Area(6) and Pro-Member Banner AD Area(8) . The more traffic the other ADBoard owners bring in, the more impression your ADs get ! So, it's both competition and cooperation between ADBoard owners . Don't worry about the amount of total ADBoard owners, other's join will help you making money easier !

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